Department of Civil Aviation, KLIA

Air Traffic Control System (ATCS) in KLIA is operated by the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA), Ministry of Transport. It was first comissioned in 1998. For the period of nine (9) years, the ATC systems has been supporting the operation of DCA KLIA in the movement of aircraft to and from the airport safely and with high standards of operational availibility and functionality as set and required by the department. The Government of Malaysia along with DCA-KLIA has recognized the need and addresses the following issues:

  • Expansion of KLIA by introducing Low Cost Carrier Terminal and Airbus 380 Hanger
  • Current systems have reached hardware and software limitation due to the End-of-Life period and operational expansions.
  • Improve the operational safety and standards of KLIA by the use of SMR concurrently with a Multilateration Surveillance Systems (MLAT)