Display Processing Surveillance Data (DPSD)

The function of the DPSD is to display, track, monitor and label the movement of arriving and departing aircraft in the vicinity of the airfield, on the runways and taxiways and vehicles operating on the maneuvering areas.

The DPSD processes and displays :

  • Radar data from SMR/MLAT/TAR/TRAD/STAR
  • Weather data from TAR/TRAD/STAR
  • Runway incursions
  • Stop-bar status from AGL
  • Flight plan data from FDPS
  • Navigational aids status from FDPS

Flight Data Processing System (FDPS)

FDPS was the first fully integrated electronic FPL that was design specifically for DCA KLIA and it is the heartbeat ATC in DCA KLIA. It receives all the flight related data from MATSMP (the master database of all FPL) relevant to KLIA operations. Furthermore FDPS sends operational related information to FOC and in return gets Gate information that would be incorporated into the FPL.

The FDPS comprises the following data and funtionality:

  • Storing processing and displaying of flight plan data
  • Storing, processing and displaying of auxiliary data
  • Displaying of actual weather data