Command, Control, Communications & Intelligence System

C3i is responsive, reliable and provides timely intelligence, greater situational awareness and an Integrated operational picture of the crisis situation/battlefield.

Government officials/military commanders at all levels can control their forces or assets and apply their skills with a high degree of precision, for the centainty of location, and awareness of the environment and of the enemy actions and intentions are vital information from which these officials/commanders would require in order to fulfill their ultimate order, which is to ensure safety and security to the nation's sovereignty.

The National Command Centre would have the capability to supply information to all levels of the Government on:

  • Armed Forces, Police, Fire Services and other readiness and tactical combat situation on global view
  • Environmental and Population impacts from the crises
  • National Air/Marine status and traffic density or impacts from the crises
  • Interface to all Town Councils, Public Transportation, Waterworks and Utilities