Surveillance Camera

The ability to mount a successful surveillance operation depends upon the quality of information collected in and around the target area. Obtaining long-range, sharp, real time images in complete darkness and adverse weather and recording them with key parameters is crucial for a wide variety of missions. The ARGC-2400 is considered the most advanced in the world, this system takes advantage of a series of cutting-edge technologies developed and integrated by OBZERV.

Key features include range gating technology, a near-infrared DALIS (Diode Array Laser Illumination System) laser illuminator slaved to the field of view of the camera; a motorized continuous zoom with a high magnification up to 240x and an intuitive user interface.

Others features like a wide field of view color camera and a GPS facilitate operation and supply critical data in real time on the touchscreen monitor that may be video recorded for further analysis or evidence gathering.

AMCOP has installed nine (9) units of ARG-2400 at all Malaysian Sea Surveillance System (MSSS) Remote Sensor Sites (RSS). Installations of two (2) additional ARG-2400 are in progress on Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) Mobile Radar System.