CNS/ATM System

AMCOP with our partner Thales International takes the lead in CNS ATM.

The ICAO CNS/ATM System is a technology shift from current air navigation systems. It makes use of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), aircraft avionics and data links for airspace surveillance, aircraft navigation, air traffic situation display and pilot-controller communication. It is more accurate and provides global coverage. Furthermore, it provides for seamless cross-border application thus enabling standardisition of operational procedures on an international basis.

The ICAO CNS/ATM concept takes cognition of evolving technology that can comply with Required Navigation Performance (RNP) parameters. Emerging technologies will support a variety of system designs and implementation options. This approach shall enable the aviation industry to analyze available alternatives and develop an adequate understanding of the costs, benefits and operational suitability and, orchestrate a coordinated programme of improvement.