Integrated Ballistic Identification System

Forensic Technology is a Montreal-based company that has changed and continues to change the way in which firearm-related crime is investigated throughout the world. More than 35 countries rely on our Integrated Ballistics Identification System, or IBIS, as the backbone of their crime fighting efforts. IBIS technology finds the needle in the haystack. It is a tool to collect and analyze digital images of the unique microscopic markings found on spent bullets and cartridge cases from crime scenes.

IBIS helps detectives and forensic experts solve more shooting crimes. The system is particularly effective in situations involving repetitive shootings and gang violence. IBIS networks can quickly link crimes, guns and suspects across jurisdictions. These networks can provide significant public safety value because IBIS helps police put more armed criminals in jail.

Over the last 15 years, IBIS technology has continually evolved and been improved upon. Today IBIS includes new solutions such as BrassTRAX-3DTM, BulletTRAX-3DTM, and MatchPoint+TM that provide more automation and unique features that can take firearms identification and crime solving to unprecedented levels.