Radio Direction Finder

TRC 8210 MkII is a VHF / UHF direction finder that is capable for targets identification on radar display, search and rescue. It benefits from wide experience of THALES in radio direction finding for radio spectrum monitoring and electronic warfare. It uses the best solution for direction finding from the wide base interferometry method, widely acknowledged by ITU and ICAO among others.

AMCOP had installed 4 TRC 8210 MkI and 2 TRC 8210 MkII. The performance offered by the TRC 8210 MkI / MkII:

  • Provide direction finding for transmitting ships or boats
  • Simultaneously display the bearings of several active channels (up to 50 channels)
  • Locate interfering radio electric emissions over the port area

The TRC 8210 MkI / MkII main performance are:

  • Multi range frequency :
    • 118 - 164 MHz and 225-400 MHz for direction finding
    • 20 MHz - 3 GHz for spectrum analysis (MkII only)
  • Operational bearing accuracy : less than 1° RMS
  • Remote operation from control centre
  • Radar Display Interface
  • Integrated BITE, remote maintenance and configuration and integrated DF precision test