Vision & Mission

To be Malaysia's leading system integrator providing services in telecommunication, computing and surveillance projects in the areas of security, aviation, maritime, transportation and defense industries.

To provide innovative, reliable and easy to maintain products to transform the needs and requirements of clients cost effectively without the sacrifice of technology or quality.

With the commitment to our customers in providing superior products and services, AMCOP has recognized three main key success factors in order for the organization to successfully provide the said services to our client. Three key success factors are:

  • Customer Focus
  • The Right People
  • Effective Management

Customer Focus

We adhere to customer requirements in implementing every project in timely manner. Thus we pledge our total commitment to our clients in implementing the project. Our focus also includes providing our customers with professional and relevant information on project risk, consequences, best solution and best practices. This is to enable customers to have a clearer view on the project that might not have been thought out in the initial stages of implementation.

The Right People

We believe in having the right pool of people to implement any venture. Since the early years of the organization's establishment we have been stringent in our selection of human capital. And we will continue to do so in the future. Not only is this able to enhance our competitive edge but also provide our customers with professional individuals that can help them in any endeavor no matter what the obstacles may be.

Effective Management

To encourage a good working environment we have to kept our organization lean and dynamic. A small and lean team allows us to operate efficiently as well as create a better, conducive and stronger working environment. Each individual is esponsible for not only his own area of expertise but is also capable of exchanging duties with others in the team. This dynamic nature of the organization allows us to response to problems quickly to customers needs.